You’ve got a friend in you - Listening to your inner voice

You’ve got a friend in you - Listening to your inner voice

I recently watched Toy Story 4 with my daughter and I came across a very important lesson from the movie. This lesson isn’t something new to me, but something I needed to hear at that time and that is Listen to your inner voice. 

In the context of the movie Buzz Lightyear used his inner toy voice to help him make hard decisions when he was caught in a situation where he didn’t know what to do. I take that to mean I should also listen to my inner voice when it comes to dealing with tough situations in life. I have found myself in various situations in life where there has been a voice  in my heart that tells me the right thing to do. It’s like the universe or a greater voice is guiding my actions and pulling me in a certain direction. In the past I have found various reasons not to listen to that inner voice. I have found myself regretting those decisions but what I have found is that this voice never goes away. It may go away for months and sometimes years but it always comes back in some form.

For me the urge to be a visual creative has come to me ever since I can remember. This goes back at least 5 years. I have found reasons to not follow my creative passion. I have instead followed my fear and got jobs that didn’t allow me to be my real self. I have also given into some other fear that  led to inaction. 

In essence that inner voice is my compass. That inner voice is one that leads me down the path I need to be going in. 

In trying to understand the difference between the inner voice and the monkey mind I have faced some challenges. One challenge has been clearing my mind to allow the inner voice to present itself. The other challenge has been distinguishing between the inner voice and fear thoughts that affect my decisions. 

I’ve been able to use meditation and increased self awareness to help me deal with the challenges These are ever evolving skills that won’t be mastered anytime soon or maybe ever. I am seeking constant and never ending improvement.