Create in spite of

Create in spite of

Insecurity is a feeling of uncertainty, a lack of confidence or anxiety about yourself. It’s basically our response to fear which is a made up scenario in our heads that may or may not come to pass. Everyday I make stories in my mind that have manifested into me feeling very insecure about myself.

This shows itself in my creative work because it doesn’t allow me to be free to just create no matter what. I am stuck in the insecure space because of my anxiety into what people are going to think about whatever it is I’m working on.  It even extends into not creating at all. 

Im slowly beginning to learn that most of the time people don’t care about you. They only care about themselves. They only care when something has to do with them. I do want people to care about the work I do but I also don’t want to care as much that it leaves me paralyzed. I heard a quote once that you cannot create art for everyone because no matter what not everyone will like it so you have to create for yourself or for one person or for a group of people. Write stories for people in your life that need to hear it. 

for the mean time I’m going to get comfortable with posting on my website then i’ll get to sharing on social media and go from there. 

Quote of the day 

Don’t let the fear of what may happen if...,  

stop you from seeing what will happen if...

Another way to say it is