Vulnerability is Power (over Self)

Vulnerability is Power (over Self)

I’ve learnt over the past couple of months that being vulnerable gives you the ability to be creative and gives you power to face your fears. For example being scared to post a photo on Instagram or post a tweet on Twitter because I’m scared people won’t like it or why would I be saying that or how does this represent me and my identity? Vulnerability would be posting on Instagram or twitter despite having these thoughts come up.

Brene brown speaks to this in her numerous interviews as well as in her Netflix documentary and all her books. But what does it mean to be vulnerable? I’ve always thought of vulnerability as something to run away from. Why would I as a man choose to be vulnerable but the truth is that the best things that have happened to me in my life came after I chose to be vulnerable. Vulnerability to me is knowing or feeling like something is going to go wrong but taking action anyways. The greatest things in my life came after I chose to face my fears; after I chose to take action. There is no facing fears without being vulnerable. Think about it. For me some of my greatest fears are 

• Fear of being judged 

• Fear of people not liking me 

• Fear of failing at something I put effort into 

• Fear of being rejected

Amongst other fears. These fears have guided my actions and guided the person I am today. I am going to challenge these fears. I choose to accept vulnerability into my life. Even though I don’t fully know what this would look like I choose to accept this journey and see where it goes.