When I see you again.......?

When I see you again.......?

The wind blew and the air passed through the interior of the car bringing in the smell of fresh rain. I pressed down on the brakes as the light flicked red ahead of me. I looked around and over to the car next to me; the driver, a middle aged man with a raptors hat on, made eye contact with me. We smiled awkwardly and I looked ahead as the light changed.

We drove down the street for a minute and I hit the left turn signal. I turned onto another street and the car next to me kept on driving ahead. As I turned I thought to myself,

“I may never see that guy again.”

How many people do we come across on a daily basis that we don’t even notice and we may never see again. I’m not saying we should pay attention to everyone we come across each day but what if I said, “Let’s go Raptors!” to him or what if I just Hi? what could have happened. could we have built a strong friendship that lasted years or would he just have said hi back?

I guess I’ll never know.