Visual Stories
Visual Stories

Life is All about how we choose to express Ourselves…

Uranranebi Agbeyegbe is a Documentary Photographer, Writer and Visual Storyteller. Uranranebi is known for his work social and family documentary work across the GTA. He currently resides in Mississauga.

Uranranebi's creative work has seen him featured on a number of websites, books and international works including CBC Arts. Uranranebi has been a panelist at the Regent park film festival speak about the importance of documenting our lives. Uranranebi’s work has also been featured at the Mississauga Central Library during its black history month gallery celebrating black culture and black life in Mississauga

Uranranebi is working on projects that document everyday life in Mississauga while growing within the field of photography.

Uranranebi is a dedicated community organizer who fought for student rights during his time at university. This passion for social issues carries into his documentary work.

He is a passionate learner, sports enthusiast and father.


Instagram - @uranranebi 


+1 647 271-2130